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Double Blit Games is  an independent game studio located in Edmonton, Canada.

Comprised of a core team with decades of experience in AAA development for some of the biggest franchises in the world, Double Blit develops games with heart and soul.

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Game Director Story is a satirical, conversation-based game about the challenges, struggles, and joys of developing big games with equally big expectations.

 Release: Late 2020


Take train sets into the virtual world with My Train World. Master a variety of puzzles at different difficulty levels in Puzzle Mode and let your imagination flow in Sandbox Mode.


 Release: Late 2020

Copy of 2020-01-26_15_51_25-ProjectZero.

Developed in Crayta for Google Stadia, Huddle For Warmth is a co-op survival game where players collect resources while avoiding freezing in a world overrun by rogue AC units.

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