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About Us

DOUBLE BLIT GAMES Inc. is an independent video game studio located in Edmonton, Canada.

Comprised of a core team with decades of experience in AAA development and publishing on some of the biggest franchises, and a talented pool of remote collaborators, Double Blit is currently working on its initial game line-up.

In addition to developing its own games, the team is also supporting some fellow indies on their game development, finaling and publishing, through consulting & co-development.   

If you are looking for some additional highly experienced help during concept & pitching, prototyping & development, or finaling & publishing your game, get in touch - we'd love to talk and see if we can help.

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Below are projects Double Blit is currently engaged with that have been announced. 
Updates are also sent out via newsletter - be sure to Subscribe if you're interested in staying up to date.

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HFW horiztonal.jpg

Huddle for Warmth

Double Blit developed an original game for Crayta, a new collaborative game creation and sharing platform coming first to Google Stadia this summer.

Expected release summer 2020.

Creator Showcase & gameplay video:

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